Thursday, January 9, 2014

This and That

I've been weaving.
Or I should say....
I HAVEN'T been weaving.
This little bag has been on the loom for a couple of months now.

The body of the bag is finally DONE!
to figure out HOW to make a long rope handle with the rest of the yarn!
Should I braid it???
I saw a sample for this bag in a local yarn shop
and can't remember exactly how the handle was constructed.

I was able to cover the ends of the warp with this antique!

The bag only took ONE ball of sock yarn.
(photo above is for demonstration only.)
If you're like me...
You think of the pictures you SHOULD have taken
only when it's TOO late!
After warping the loom.....
Weaving the bag to right size....
I still had some warp on the loom.

I wove HALF of a bag!
I used the same sock yarn
and wove with cotton yarn.
I was able to EEK out a rectangle.

The other half of a bag is fabric that has been quilted.

It makes my thrifty heart SING
when I can use up!
Even if it is only leftover warp on my LOOM!!!

On another topic....
Did you know fiskars have a lifetime guarantee???
I asked for a new SMALL rotary cutter for Christmas.
This little guy gets a LOT of use!
and he wouldn't stay clicked OPEN anymore.

My husband (Santa Claus)
found out that he could get a replacement. FREE.
He sent an email (with a photo, I think)
and we got a new one.
Small one???
Oh well.

I was asked about piecing tree branches
for the quilt along.

After setting in the first strip....
I lay that last triangle (background fabric)
on....trying to CENTER it...
eyeballing the other background piece.

It doesn't usually come out PERFECTLY
That's why I like to TRIM!!!
So much less stressful!!
Don't you think?

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