Friday, January 17, 2014

Laurel Leaf Love

I'm super excited about my NEWest SLOW project!
Actually not NEW...
but pulled out and started again.
We all need at least ONE of these going,
don't you think???

I have all my supplies SPREAD out on a portable table.
Hoping to fit in a few stitches here and there
Mostly will be
at the end of the day when I like to WIND DOWN.

I began by folding my 12" square in half twice diagonally.
Adding the long stems by first basting them on with my machine...
then appliqueing them down by hand
and removing the basting stitch.

I apply the leaves using a needle turn method.
I've penciled in the pattern LIGHTY on the white fabric.
The leaves won't be all EXACTLY the same size....
but I think I'll like it in the END!!!

This is the funky pattern I made for this project.
You can see I began sketching with pencil
and then REFINED my placement with the Sharpie!
This is what is known as a HOMEMADE pattern.

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