Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Neighborhood Get together

House blocks for the neighborhood party have been arriving.
Today was the deadline.
I happen to know there are still a couple on their way here!
That's o.k.
I'll add them to the pile when they arrive.

It was a COZY party this year.
House blocks from ALL over the world arrived
and I spread them ALL out today!
Don't they look nice?
I made two stacks of 9 blocks each for the winners.

I have a stack of blocks for Selina.

and a stack of blocks for Sharon.
I'll be sending them off soon!

I know these prolific quilters will make something GREAT
with all your gorgeous houses!
Thank you so much for joining in the FUN!

We even have some extras for a charity quilt!!
Thanks for being such GOOD neighbors here in blogland.
Let's make 2014 a year FULL of quilty FUN!

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