Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Zoos and Bags


When I woke up today
I had NO IDEA I'd be sewing a Panda bear.
I knew I had two little friends coming over for the day....
I knew we were going to the zoo....
I knew we'd have some FUN!!!

We saw REAL animals at the zoo...
but we also saw the FAKE kind.
This little bag was spied!
"I THINK I can make something like that", I said.
We came home and...
I pushed aside my quilting...

Ironing little pieces on....

Using a sketch as my guide.

Someone wanted a panda bear
and someone wanted a tiger.
"A WHITE tiger please".

A zipper on the bag
and a white strap completed the little bags.
They are not quite like the ones in the store...
they are better!
They are HOMEMADE!!!
The stitches are not perfect.
The lining is not super smooth.
The zipper is not perfectly straight.
They are HOMEMADE!!!
So much BETTER!
Why spend money when you have ALL the supplies you need at home??
The only thing I'm low on here is Zippers!!!

Two happy customers!!!

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