Saturday, December 14, 2013

Stars, bars and houses

I'm sewing up some scraps
to be turned INTO potholders for gifts.
I love these festive STARS!
The bars in the upper right are o.k. too.
The bars were ALL together in my scrap bag...
Just needed two seams sewn.
I couldn't RESIST the simple design!
In other news....

Houses for the neighborhood party are arriving daily.
Sharon sent a house and barn.
One for the party and ONE for a charity quilt!

I LOVE the way she added this little pre-printed quilt block
into the barn!

Maria sent these two houses.
One looks like a daytime scene
and the other NIGHT!!
Fun! FUN!!!
The party is on.
There's still time to join in the FUN!
Leave a comment and I'll send YOU my address.
Details here.

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