Thursday, October 24, 2013


While the loom was out.....

I made another table runner.
Blue and white.
It looks SO pretty with the blue tinted jar!
All I need are some FLOWERS IN the jar!

It is NOT hard to MAKE these woven table runners.

It is hard to STOP making them!!!
Made this for my daughter.
Used my 24" rigid heddle table loom.
1 1/2" strips of cotton were cut and used in construction.
IF the strip was ALREADY about 1 1/2"...
I did NOT trim.
Nothing is EXACT-ly done at my house!
Lots of what I call "uglies" were used.
I DO have quite a BIT of that kind of fabric.
Is it really October?
My goal this year was to use ONLY fabric that I own.
The months have been FLYING by
and there is NOT a DENT anywhere!

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