Tuesday, October 1, 2013


This little shade and sheer curtain is LONG overdue.

I'm happy to say
"I USED what I HAD!"
That's why there's a little bit
of white eyelet on the sides of the sheer curtain.
Did I mention
I'm trying to USE WHAT I HAVE all this year???
It's now October
and I've done a PRETTY good job.
but I'm making a little dent in my STASH!
Woo hoo!!!

The bottom of the shade is the BEST part!!!

This is what it was like BEFORE!
I just trimmed that OFF
and hand stitched some fabric onto the bottom of the shade.
I would have used my machine
Didn't want to take the shade OFF of the roller.
I'm lazy.

When the shade is up
the sun shines in without ALL of the
YUCKY view my daughter has.
When the shade is DOWN
I admire my little bit of handiwork!!!

I'm also going handmade in the kitchen.

Applesauce from scratch!!
SO easy and So good.
Add a little water to the cut up apples and simmer.
Eat as soon as it cools off enough!
Mine is cooking NOW
It'll be GONE before I post again!

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