Thursday, February 23, 2012

Why I like Thursday.

The first thing that happens every Thursday morning is...
I run around like a crazy woman....
dusting, vacuuming, wiping down counters....
cleaning bathrooms.....

Company always gets me in the CLEANING mood!
Grandma comes to crochet!

Friends bring show and tell!

Look at those wonderful TINY stitches!

Some come to knit.....

And others QUILT!!!
Woo Hoo!!!

Dear daughter doesn't want to miss out
on the lovely conversation...
so she tries to do homework...?????

Of course....there's always a snack and coffee.

And last of all....there are GROUP projects.

Thursday mornings are THE BEST...
EVEN if it DOES involve a little CLEANING!!!!


  1. Sounds so fun...and the perfect thing to keep a good attitude about cleaning!

  2. Oh my! Makes me want to be there too! I think that may possibly be what God created Thursdays for!

  3. Get togethers are so fun, and it's so nice that your grandmother comes too!

  4. What a wonderful time, I love to get together with friends and family, it is always worth a little cleaning.

  5. I bet they wouldn't mind even if you didn't clean everyone looks like they are having a great time.
    Can I come next week? Hey it's only across the country :0).

    Happy Sewing

  6. My hubby loves when the ladies come over on Saturday, because he knows that the house will be clean at least once a month!! Looks like you have a wonderful time on Thursdays!!

  7. That get-together sounds like SO much fun!

  8. Memories in the making. I love to read happy stories. Please tell Grandma that her crochet is enviable.

  9. Such fun! Looks like you need to Skype all of us in on the fun! Love the projects!

  10. Your grandmother looks like a very handsome lady, such a sweet smile.

  11. Sounds like a great time is had by all. I have my doubts about the success of the homework :-)

  12. A great motivator for getting the cleaning done! Fun times.

  13. Oh, I'd definitely clean if that much fun was waiting for me at the end!

  14. how i wish i could come to your house on Thursday morning

  15. How fun - aren't sew days with friends and family the best?

  16. I would love Thursdays too!!! Sounds like a great group of friends!

  17. Ah, how fun is that! I would like Thursdays too if my friends and family would come and visit and do crafts together too. This sounds like you have a wonderful time.

  18. it looks like the PERFECT way to spend Thursday mornings. :) what a blessing to have friends to share it with!