Thursday, December 15, 2011


I'm making a TON of these.
Ooooh! they're so pretty!
I have a dream:
Bordering a quilt with these teeny tiny blocks!
Thankfully the quilt will not be QUEEN sized!

It'll take a LONG time...
but I'm prepared to wait.

In fact, I haven't COUNTED how many I'll need.
I think that would be too discouraging.
I'm just going to sew these precious little things together and

I MAY have to do a little cleaning with that dreaming....

Block stats.
half square triangles are 1 3/4" each.
The little nine patches are about 4 1/4"!!!!

Wish me luck!


  1. Now that you've decided what the borders of the quilt will look like ... what's inside these borders?

  2. Sophie: I have to wait until January to reveal the quilt IF...I can finish it! Adding this intricate border just makes finishing a little bit harder! But...I really LOVE these little I'm going to plug along and see if I can do it!

  3. OH my gosh, Beth, those are gorgeous!! I totally admire your mad piecing skills....

  4. Cute! Love those tiny triangles, but don't know if I'd have the patience for them. Can't wait to see them around a quilt! =)

  5. Very fun with all those bright colors! Teeny is always so cute. I'm sure they'll find a good home someday.

  6. They are pretty and would look wonderful as a border. I thought I was crazy because I started postage stamp. Notice I said started. It's in a box. As I make quilts I cut up the small scraps into 1 1/2" squares. I think I have lots cut. I've made about 10, 6 by 6 squares, and then I set those into a star to make a 9 inch block. Someday I'll do a few more and I think it may just be the center for a quilt.

  7. Good luck and lots of cheering on from me! I think they're adorable.

  8. Ha - great minds think and do alike - I have been prepping 1.5" HSTs (savings from bindings and jelly rolls -race-). And I'm not counting either - just enjoying.

  9. So cute, love the mininess of them (is that a word?).

  10. Adorable, Beth! I have a fabric bowl full of these little dooleys that I've been using as leaders/enders. No destination in sight... LOL

  11. You do have your work cut out for you, but it will be stunning when you are finished with it.

  12. They are so very pretty! Keep on dreaming tiny :0)

  13. Good luck, they are pretty for sure although the bare thought of the size makes my fingers sweat!

  14. They are so pretty. You could make a whole quilt with them...I can't wait to see the finished quilt they go on.

  15. You don't need us to wish you luck, you have a great work ethic and get more projects done than anyone I see in blogland!
    Are these "cut offs" from another project or are you cutting them this small on purpose?

    What a great idea to have them ready and waiting for the next project. Wouldn't they make a cute round in a medallion quilt too?

    Happy Sewing and Merry Christmas

  16. They're gorgeous. And tiny is always so wonderful. Keep on sewing and enjoying, and some day the right quilt will come along and you'll be border-ready!
    Debbie R.

  17. So precious! I love tiny blocks they are so fun and sparkly.
    I track all sorts of stuff out my sewing room on my socks, lol....
    I've seen lots of houses around blog land for you swap - fun!

  18. I love the look of tiny blocks, but oh, how discouraging to make so. Many and have them cover so little. Good luck!

  19. Those are tiny.It will look beautiful when you're finished.

  20. Good luck with those cute little guys. They will look fabulous in a border.


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