Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Circles Revisited.

I decided to give circles another try.
Sujata made some and then...
she gave me some encouragement.
Isn't that what we ALL love about blogland???

I began again....

Using a VERY HIGH TECH method...
I cut two circles...
Using a smallish plate as my TEMPLATE.

The rotary cutter zipped around the rim
Nice and Easy. ;)

I cut 10 slices of pizza.
I DID not measure.
I DID not worry and stress.
Zip. Zip. Zip. Zip.

I  now have enough pieces for TWO circles.

I kept my slices in the same position and sewed them together.

Almost done!

I also used some batting scraps.
If you look CLOSEly you can see I
BASTED them to the back side of the front of my circle.
I used a very large stitch.
(This makes turning the circle right side out SOOoo much easier!
The basting stitches are super simple to pull out.)

I then TRIMMED the batting.
Added a backing.
Turned it RIGHT side out....
slip stitched the opening....

I also added a few quilting stitches.

Two Mug Rugs.
Two Potholders.
Two Little doo-dads.
I'm not sure WHAT to call them.

Thanks for the encouragement Sujata!
If I practice a bit more
I MIGHT be able to get those center seams to match....
In my DREAMS!!!!

You know what though???
I kind of like the wonkiness of them!
Good thing, huh?


  1. Or you could just slap another smaller circle over the center where they don't meet :0) just like Sujata did :0)!

    Adorable.......whatever you use them for.

    Merry Christmas

  2. Really cute! Good for you for trying again.

  3. They would be excellent hot pads! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Great tutorial! I love the ones Sujata made for me!

  5. They look great! I love your stitching on it too.

  6. I've made these before. Yours are so darling.

  7. Yesterday I was doodling circles thinking mmm, but these are great, I do have a hint about matching your seams and it works everytime (well almost) I pin my work with fork pins, they are brilliant :)

  8. Well, I love them!! I wanna try that too. :D


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