Monday, December 5, 2011

12x12 fun

I think I'm having ALL the fun!
Sheila sent this one.....

And Sharon sent this.

I get to see quilt blocks
UP close and personal!!!!....
Like this one from Megan!

Little packages come in the mail.

Sometimes there's a little gift.
Thank you Sheila!

I guess being the HOST of a party
has its perks....
Just wish I could figure out a way
to SHARE all the fun I'm having!!!!

Looking forward to
Placing ALL the houses on a BIG floor somewhere
taking a picture on
JANUARY 1, 2012!!!!

dividing them up into little neighborhood groups
sending them back off to the WINNERS!!!!!!

Blogland is a GREAT place to LIVE!


  1. Just love those kitties peeking out the window! What fun, but I am sure it is work for you, too.

  2. I used to feel that way about the Block Lotto blocks when they were all being mailed to me ... until it became so popular that there were at least a couple hundred coming and going each month ;-)

    All the houses I have seen are fantastic! I know you'll have fun with these.

  3. Mine is on the way :0)
    and hey my birthday in Jan 3rd :0).

    I'm just saying.......

    Happy sewing

  4. These houses are really fun to look at. Love what you are doing in the neighborhood!

  5. The blocks are sweet. When you host the party you deserve the treats! I agree with you about blog land.

  6. Oh, you are having a lot of fun. What cute liitle houses!

  7. Darling houses!! Looks like you are having oodles of fun :)

  8. I put my house in the mail today. I love seeing all the ones you have been posting.

  9. These blocks do look like so much fun! I wish I felt like I had time to participate... maybe my gift crafting will go quicker than I thought and I will be able to make one to send to you.

  10. I'm pleased the kittens made it to California :D
    Very nice blocks ... this is getting exciting!


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