Saturday, July 17, 2010


One hour before leaving on a trip, my daughter decided she needed
a computer sleeve.
She chose the fabric.
I added batting with THREE long quilted lines.
Remember I was in a hurry!
I added a very simple lining.

Here's the BEST part.
A hairband sewn in for the button closure.
Isn't that a neat trick???

It was then up to her to sew that button on.
She struggled a bit....but she did it!!

No picture of that...sorry....she had to catch a plane.

Now I can get back to my 15 minutes....
cough, cough, sputter, sputter.....
of quilting.


  1. Love the computer sleeve! Will you show us how to make it sometime? Hope so.

  2. Beth,

    Beautiful sleeve for the computer! What a smart idea to use hair bands for the elastic clasp!!

  3. neat! Nothing like an emergency deadline to speed up the creativity! I really like the hair band tip.

  4. Gosh, that's GREAT for a quick fix! Good job. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  5. Very pretty! I need to make a new one for my Mac - I made a quickie before a trip out of a pre-quilted piece of fabric but I'd really like to have a real one! And hair bands are great - I've used them on purses for a clasp - I like the way you doubled yours up!

  6. I had to laugh because I posted a similar project about a week ago. What won't we do for our kids? It looks great!

  7. Okay that turned out so great..........
    I can't believe you came up with that in a

    ( about your comment on my dolly quilt)
    It will be very cozy because I backed it with flannel :0) daughter in law has already informed me that Lily "has enough quilts" Ha she is only 2 years daughter in law has no idea what will come next :0)!!!!!!!

    Happy Sewing,
    Love your little crumbs :0)

  8. hi! it's my first time visiting your blog and i'm enjoying your projects :)
    thanks for the post on my blog!
    and i'm impressed by your quick computer sleeve ... genius idea w/ the hairband!

  9. You're a genius!!! And a quick one!! LOL


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