Saturday, June 12, 2010

hot tip.

Does anyone out there wash fabric before using it?
Truth be told...I rarely do.
this time I did.
This piece of fabric was given to me.
It was pretty old.
I thought I'd throw it in with the rest of my laundry
before adding it to my stash.
I cut little diagonal pieces off each corner.
Maybe 1/2 inch.
I had heard recently this helps with
those pesky edges that fray!!!

Here it is AFTER cycling through the laundry.
Not too bad.
There are some threads
but not as bad as it usually is!!
I'm pretty happy with the results.
I will now know which pieces of fabric have been washed
when I check those corners!!


  1. As a 'dyed in the wool' prewasher for forever, I recently made a decision to STOP prewashing (except, maybe reds). There, I said it outloud!!

  2. I prewash everything due to allergies, and cut off the corners like you did.

  3. I prewash all fabric too. I'd never heard of the corner tip - thanks, i'm going to try it next time.

    funny though.... i bought a few pieces of fabric when i was in kelowna - and the clerk there tore all the fabric (instead of cutting it) and NONE of it frayed from the wash... hm...

    love your blog... i so look forward to what you do next..

  4. WOW look at the result! Definitely going to do that. Thanks, Beth.


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