Friday, June 11, 2010

feathered coins

I feathered my coins yesterday and today.
The only hard part was picking out the stitches that
were holding down a nice big pucker on the back!
You know me.
I don't like to mess around.
I usually hurry through things.
Not always the best idea!
Maybe that's why I had that big pucker!!!
To make those big feathers
I just stitched a long wavy line through those coins...
I added some big feathers.
There are also smaller feathers on the white sashing.
No marking for me!!!
That would take way too long.

I then added some loop-de-loops around the outside border.
This one measures 53"x56.
So happy to finish this one!
I need to clean up all my sewing paraphernalia....
I'm hosting a huge, blow-out, graduation party
for my 14 yr. old!
Lots of cleaning and cooking I've been avoiding with this quilt.
Such a great way to avoid responsibilities, huh?


  1. That turned out very pretty! I'm amazed that you did the feathers without marking. Nice work!

  2. It looks gorgeous. Great job. Enjoy the graduation party (sounds like a LOT of work!)

  3. i get like that with machine quilting... patience with it is not my best...really depends on how much I like the quilt! I have to say, I love the border fabric on this it makes the center really show itself off! very nice beth!

  4. Good grief Beth never mind the quilts, your new photo is BEAUTIFUL! You are beautiful we all know and this photo is wonderful. I want an 8 x 10! And I did enjoy your lovely blog which I always do!

  5. Thanks for showing the finish on this quilt - it's definitely going on my go-to list for ministry quilts!!

  6. I think the quilt is so pretty! Hope the grad party was a success. And, thanks for the visit and comment!

  7. Gorgeous...Love the blues and the feathers are a beautiful way to finish it.


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