Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Calming Chaos

Sometimes quilts are pieced in an orderly fashion....
like here and here...
sometimes they're NOT!

Sometimes random pieces FALL together
adding energy and motion!!!

When this happens....
It's nice to give a little ORDER to the CHAOS.

I used some tape to give some ORDER.
I began with a LONG line right down the middle of the quilt.
I quilted about 2" out from there.....
measuring and taping as I went along.



  1. Another gem; I always love your quilts, and yes, isn't it fun to have order at times, disorder at others?!

  2. it is very nice.Me encanta es una colcha muy alegre y es muy buena para aprovechar los restos de otros trabajos.
    Un saludo

  3. This is so wonderful! It happy and has great colors and movement - well done Beth!

  4. Great choice of quilting for that quilt! Lovely!

  5. I use that tape too. It's a great idea isn't it... and so much easier than marking. :)

  6. Love the ordered chaos! Such a happy quilt.

  7. I LOVE this one! The green is just the right touch with the other happy colors. I use painter's tape too because I'm too lazy to mark and who knows if the marks will come out anyway?