Sunday, June 5, 2022

Monday making - a finish

This week I was able to finish this quilt top I began recently.
I LOVE the simple flowers
And.... I really enjoyed the hand work with appliqué and
English paper piecing that went into this one!

This week was our 3rd annual carrot harvest!

There are about 25 pounds of carrots on our picnic table here.
I made a big batch of carrot soup.

This year, rather than blanch and freeze the rest...
I hope to find good homes for this MOTLEY group of vegetables.

My video for this quilt finish is HERE.
I added what I call FLOATING squares blocks for 
The top and bottom borders.

What are YOU making this week??


  1. Love your new quilt. Those flowers looks great. What a great carrot haul!

  2. What a wonderful harvest! The quilt looks really wonderful, the flowers are beautiful.


  3. Your quilt is beautiful! Enjoy your carrots, maybe make a carrot cake? Happy stitching!

  4. Super fun quilt finish, Beth!!! Great carrot harvest!

  5. lovely quilt - I have been reading of people who freeze carrots without blanching and they are still crispy when they open them

  6. About those funkey carrots.... I make a spicy pickeled carrot that I can each year. Family loves them

  7. amazing how different home grown carrots look to the uniform ones of the store. I like the differences, like in people. They feel more natural to look different while still being carrots

  8. I vote for carrot cake too! Wonderful quilt. I really like the "flowers" made by paper piecing. Great finished top.

  9. Your flower quilt is fantastic! You did such a beautiful job.


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