Sunday, October 10, 2021

monday making - simple sewing

Sometimes you need to make something EASY!

Some leftover denim in my sewing room
Was staring at me...
And I decided to listen.

The denim became a potholder in NO TIME!!

The Denim would have been a bit boring without this CUTE fabric!

I also added a new block to my little Christmas quilt along.
Video on my channel..  HERE
And pattern on the sidebar.

What are YOU making this week?


  1. Yes, sometimes easy sewing has to be the order of the day. Cute pot holder; love both the denim and sweet print. Your new Christmas block is so pretty.

  2. I love that denim pot holder! What did you put between the denim and the fabric?

    1. I used a double layer of denim which is thick enough for me.

  3. Hi,
    I really like your pot holder...really cute. I watched your video of your Christmas quilt. Love the new block you added. Have a great day!
    P.S. I linked my post, but my image of my quilt isn't showing up.

  4. I like homemade pot holders, always prefer them. I am doing something different this week, knitting.

  5. That was a great use of the denim. Very cute too.


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