Sunday, August 22, 2021

Monday making - a quilt along finish

This was the week to FINISH a quilt along quilt!!

It has a been a fun 10 weeks making this sampler type quilt
With all these pretty scraps!

I MAY actually make a few more blocks and GROW this quilt a little bit.

What are YOU making this week???


  1. Your sampler turned out beautiful, Beth! Congratulations!

  2. Great quilt. It's always easy to find more blocks to add to a quilt. Samplers are wonderful at improving skills too.

  3. Love the quilt of all the blocks you have been showing us. Great to see our process in quilting.

  4. When I first saw the blue and pink without focusing yet I thought HOW did she get a picture of my first quilt? It is a sampler too.

  5. Loved doing this quilt along. Some blocks I found very challenging, but they look so good, even if not quite perfect! Just the quilt sandwich to do now, but it will have to wait until after the holidays.