Sunday, February 7, 2021

I am working on a new quilt.
I saw a quilt in a Quiltmania magazine.
It was in the quilts in homes there was no info.
It was hanging on a wall...and I couldn’t even see the whole thing....
But....I was smitten.

I am working away on this new project.
Y seams.
A NOT so easy block for me.

What are YOU making??


  1. Good for you figuring out how to make the quilt. It's very pretty. PS Did you realize you didn't put a title on your blog today? That means when we link up we can't link up to this specific post. I'm not sure it makes all that much difference from your point of view but though I would at least mention it. It's past bedtime for me!

  2. Oh my, Beth. The colors in these blocks are stunning. I am looking forward to seeing your progress. Happy quilting and thank you for hosting the link party.

  3. It’s looking beautiful!


  4. Beautiful blocks! Looking forward to seeing how those all come together in the final quilt.

  5. Y-seams and applique? It sounds AWESOME! Isn't it wonderful to have the skill level where you can see a glimpse of a quilt in a picture, and know that you can recreate it yourself without a pattern?

  6. Oh! Love the colors you're working with!

  7. Ooh, your project is looking very interesting!


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