Sunday, December 13, 2020

Monday Making in December

This week I used this little quilt for inspiration......

(I made this a few years ago and love using it every year!)

And I made this one.
I think I like those little red ties even better than the hand quilting on the first!!

Teeny tiny quilts are so fun to make!
I bet you know someone with a little doll who needs a gift...right?

These squares are 1" finished.

I also shared on my Youtube channel info on making this quilt.
Probably the simplest Christmas tree quilt on the Planet!!

These little triangles were in a baggie and picked up 
at a quilt guild meeting.
I decided to leave them AS IS and make a quilt!
The fabrics are all old calicos and I just LOVE them!

The little cabin in the woods gives this quilt some charm as well.

I also did some knitting.
This little beanie took me THREE times to get right.
Casting on the correct amount was a guess....hence the problems....;)
I finally figured it out and ended up using EVERY bit
of the little ball of yarn I chose!!!

Just made it!

What are YOU making this week??


  1. The quilt, the pillows and the hat...such cute project!!


  2. Adorable doll hat, do you have a pattern?

    1. I will send you my sketchy notes and you can try it out. :)

  3. Love the little quilts! I made two doll quilts for gifts this year. I keep saying I'm going to make new Stockings every year and never do. Next year...maybe!

  4. You are brave to make such tiny quilts. I used to but have cut back as I don't have a great place to display them. Someday I'll figure that out. I feel your pain on the dolly hat. I've just about finished one for my granddaughter. Next will be a little scarf to go with it.

  5. Fun mini quilts! And your triangle woods quilt looks great too. Happy stitching this week.

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