Sunday, April 12, 2020

Monday Making

I am still working steadily on my
Quarantine Quilt.

Little by little I have been making decisions about 
how to arrange all of the blocks.
At first I thought they'd all be ONE big happy Group...

I've decided to BREAK them up a bit.

I have been using scissors to cut the pieces
and so there's a FREE feeling to all those hourglass blocks.
I should add that the quilter's 1/4 seam also flew out the window on this one!!

I will be trimming these big chunks soon
and adding sashing.

I can't WAIT!!!
Quilting is such a LOVELY ADVENTURE.
The perfect kind of adventure during these days at home.

I also DUG deep this week for elastic as I made masks.

Can you believe I had this?
15 cents. for 3 yards.

Any guesses how long ago that was?
I'd love to hear what you think.
I have no idea.
I'm almost out of elastic!

I've also been playing with sourdough.

We are not going to go hungry here.
Easter was a different kind of day this year.
Thankful for church services online
and Zoom connections with those I love.
He is Risen.
He is Risen indeed.


  1. Gorgeous triangles and sourdough. Happy Easter indeed

  2. He is risen indeed of which I’m so thankful as He brings me joy unspeakable often during these times. I actually suspect we may witness another great awakening. God bless

  3. We are not going hungry here, either! Your hourglass block colors are really stunning. Happy Easter!

  4. Love your improv blocks. In the past, whenever I visited a charity shop and saw elastic at bargain prices, I would buy it for a 'someday future project' - that day is here and it's getting used! Happy Easter :)

  5. I am really liking your quarantine quilt!! and that elastic... maybe your grandma bought it?? ha ha

  6. ....had trouble posting to the linkup earlier today....the quarantine quilt will be memorable!

  7. I found a recipe the other day for sour dough starter. I have been thinking about making some. Mom used to make bread, pancakes, muffins, scones...all sorts of things from it.

    Scissors? Wow! That sounds like work.

    The elastic was a great find as well! I love that it is old, but I have no idea how much so.

  8. Your free form hour glass blocks are looking good. I'm masked out, though I still have a bit of elastic left to make a few more if needed. My elastic was old, but not quite that old!

  9. First must comment on the elastic. I'm guessing mid 50s to early 60s. When was elastic invented anyway??? Well back that time line to the 1820s. Who would have thought that early. Originally all elastic/stretch fabric/tires etc came from rubber trees. I's still guessing mid 50s. I have some bias binding with a similar price that I got from my grandmother's stuff. You are a wild woman using scissors to cut your hour glass blocks. You go girl! I haven't really gotten the baking desire. Although I bought flour to be able to bake if I wanted to. Now to find TP. Sigh. I can't say I hoarded some but when this was first starting I bought an extra 8 pack. It hasn't been opened yet but probably later this week.

  10. Those hourglass blocks are incredible. I can hardly wait to see what they become. The bagels look delicious. I'm happy to see that flour is pretty available again. I love seeing the prices on the older sewing notions. Maybe the 50s?

  11. Love how your Quarantine quilt is shaping up! Really great colors and movement.:)


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