Sunday, April 5, 2020

Monday Making

Even though I'm staying at home...
All. The. Time.
There has been a lot of activity.
There is STILL a lot of making going on!

The garden gives me things to harvest
and COOK!

Thankfully I received a sourdough starter RIGHT before the

I've enjoyed learning about something new.
I made sourdough english muffins this week.
(also, crepes, biscuits, pancakes, ......)

Here's the recipe for the english muffins.
I have also been homeschooling.
Who knew I'd be doing THAT again???
My oldest is 34 and I home schooled him along with 
the four other BIG kids.

My youngest is in special ed and I never thought we'd be
working at home together.

I'm thankful for the teachers who have been so supportive.
They are providing the lesson plans and lots of encouragement.
Thank goodness for zoom, Facetime and the internet!

I've also been making some masks.

How about you?

What have you been making?


  1. LOVE your blah, blah blah mask. Mine are just regular fabrics mostly old. Those elastic over the ear ones don't fit me at all -- too big. I've been making ones with ties instead. Then folks can customize their fit. Stay safe. Sew on!

  2. Love the mask! I made a few of those this weekend too. My fabrics weren't as fun, but they did come out of the scrap bin. Ours is old enough we don't have to home school her, but she's been doing college class work while we've been working during the day. Happy stitching this week.

  3. You are fortunate to have some home schooling under your belt as so many have no clue. I'm guilty of making masks, for our local fire and rescue. Good luck!!

  4. Good thing you've had home schooling experience - keep up the good work!

  5. Your mask cracks me up! So hilarious.:)

  6. I have blah blah blah in green and blue...was thinking how perfect for the the star quilt behind you xo

  7. Love your blah blah blah mask. And I’m drooling just thinking about homemade English muffins!

  8. Kinda changed up your whole routine didn't it! Glad you are finding time to make some cool things - both masks and bread!! Way cool!

  9. Very cute mask, that will make people smile I am sure. And we can use some fun don't you think? Keep safe and healthy!


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