Sunday, January 13, 2019

Monday Making

It's been a very GOOD quilty week.

I made the first of TEN table mats
for a spring retreat auction.
I used four orphan star blocks and added the four patches
to separate them.
I love the scrappy FEEL of it.

I also brought this old vintage quilt home with me.
No one else at the guild meeting seemed interested.
Am I the only one that loves quirky simple quilts?
This one has that MAKE DO quality I adore.

Oooh! I love the exquisite handmade beauties too!

I finished this quilt top!

It was a very GOOD quilty kind of week.

Now it's time for a link up.
How will YOUR quilty week go?
Making anything??


  1. Looks like you had a wonderfully productive quilty weekend. Hope the rest of the week is as good.

  2. I love the vintage quilt. How interesting they added the stripe across the top. Thank you for the linky party.

  3. Oh you are NOT the only one who loves those quirky older quilts - that one would have come home with me in a heartbeat! Love that table mat - where did you find the design for the stars? They are awesome.

    1. The stars were in with my orphans. I did not make them...they were given to me in HOPES that they'd find a quilty home. :)

  4. My goodness you work fast! So much done in one weekend! I need some of your go-go juice!

  5. Yeah, I'm all for quirky and simple!

  6. What great projects! I love the star mat, so cute.

  7. Your stars table mat is delightful, and the rescued vintage quilt is great, too.

  8. The stars are really bright and fresh with the varied backgrounds and the tiny 4-patch blocks on point really take this cute mini to another level. I'd agree that you had a good quilty week.

  9. I absolutely love your table mat. I agree I love quilts that are made from scraps and that are made to be used. I made both of my brothers a quilt last year for their birthdays. My oldest brother uses his every night to cuddle up in and in doing so I feel like I am hugging him each evening, even though he is 2,000 miles away. My other brother has his hanging in his office. He cried when he opened it (I have never seen him cry . . . his wife told me this) he says, he just enjoys looking at it each day. I guess they can do as they please and I'm happy they both love their quilts, but I wanted to be there hugging them both, LOL. Quilts are such a great way to send a hug and love to those that live so far away:)
    Couldn't find a place to follow your blog, but so happy I found it.
    Happy quilting!
    Connie :)

  10. Love your star setting! Clever!

  11. Love how you give the orphaned blocks purpose. Great job.


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