Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Call me Ms. Thrifty

My family will tell you my frugality is pretty extreme sometimes.
My thriftiness can be laughable.

I wash and reuse plastic bags.
Of course I do!
I clean and save all the glass jars...
It's getting crowded on that shelf!
I save plastic containers from fast food
to fill with homemade food when delivering to sick friends.
Why throw away perfectly good containers???
Plus....the friends don't then have to return MY pans.  :)

My daughter caught me reusing a piece of painters tape
with the word Spaghetti written on it to attach something else!!!
They ALL got a big laugh out of that one!

I try to reuse, repurpose, recycle as much as I can.

This little bag is an example.

I took my old zipper bag....
The one that holds the small essentials in my purse.

It was the PERFECT size.
The zipper still zipped!
The bag itself needed an update.

Instead of making a NEW bag....
I covered the OLD!!!

Yes. I did.

Why make a new one when the old one was so perfect
in so many ways??

That zipper needed to keep zipping!


  1. We are kindred spirits. Love the bag. Hugs

  2. Mother Earth thanks you .... I'm pretty thrifty also -- but alas I cannot wash out a ziplock baggie!

  3. Call me "Mr. Thrifty" - I do a lot of the same things...and if it can be re-used I have a really hard time letting it go the the garbage.
    I have salvaged many shirts that needed a collar ( I remove them and make banded collars.) I also took my work logo shirts and appliqued right over the logos...the shirts were still good, right?

  4. Cute patchwork on your 'new' zipper bag.
    I get as much use out of ziploc bags as I can too.
    And thrift shops have some surprisingly good finds, the trick is to stop in and
    regularly look over their stock it changes almost everyday.

  5. I love your idea! I gave some Ugly bags with perfectly good zippers! I’ll be pulling the zippers out for reuse from now on. Thanks !

  6. I love your thriftiness! Way to reuse, renew and recycle.

  7. I regularly stop at Goodwill to buy binders to file all the patterns I seem to need to print off. they are usually under a dollar, compared to at least $3 everywhere else, and they work just fine. I also wash and reuse plastic zip lock bags, aluminum foil and plastic containers. I make my own grocery bags out of remnants of heavy fabric from Joann’s, they are great for all shopping and are washable. We all need to do our part. Jill in Phoenix/Calgary

  8. Great ways to reuse and repurpose. Love the remodeled bag, what a great save.

  9. Reuse and repurposing is becoming a lost art, but I am with you...I like the challenge of reusing items. Cute bag.

  10. That really turned out cute, Beth. Great repurposing!

  11. Let your family make fun, we all need to recycle more so you're just ahead of the crowd!!! Imagine if we all repurposed more and the world had less stuff!

  12. I'm with you too! I love your repurposed purse. Have you ever made twine with 1/2 inch fabric strips? Lots of fun. The best tutorial I found is to google fabric twine tutorial and the one I like is by HandmadeHome. I think you will like this. Also the twine is beautiful-I use to to tie gift packages and everyone saves their twine!

  13. Love your purses, and I love reusing.