Sunday, November 25, 2018

Monday Making

This week I did some Improvisational sewing.

Lots of little triangles pieced into strips
and THEN cut up into bigger triangles.

I'm not sure it matches my vision...
but it was a FUN experiment in Patience  piecing.

I also puzzled my orphan blocks into a square.
Some of these blocks are from blogland friends.
This quilt celebrates the love of quilting
and the loving quilting community!

Isn't that border fabric perfecto??
I had JUST enough
and I mean JUST ENOUGH!!!
There was less than an INCH left!

The border fabric IS pieced.
The perfectionists among us
wouldn't have used it.
I didn't try to match up the prints to HIDE the seams!

There just wasn't enough fabric to do all that fussy work.

When there's the perfect fabric IN  YOUR STASH
you USE IT.

What are YOU making this week???


  1. I love that improv piece = even with the pieced border. It is the perfect border for it. Your little triangles look great too.

  2. Definitely you use your stash fabric first. I am trying to control my buying but I'm not being really good about it. At least I didn't go wild buying fabric on Black Friday this year! I love your improv triangles. They look terrific.

  3. Your Christmas quilt is wonderful! The border is ideal.

  4. I love using up orphans for a 'kitchen sink' quilt - sometimes they turn out to be the best quilts. The new improv looks like fun.

  5. I save my orphan blocks too for a scrappy quilt. Love it. Those triangles look like they are fun to play with.

  6. Love your orphan/community Christmas quilt. That border fabric is perfect, the quilt looks great. Looks like your piecing experiment was pretty successful too.

  7. It is perfect! And unless you tell someone where the seams are, no one will notice.

  8. The triangle sure look fun tho! and your orphan block quilt - Love it!

  9. It is gorgeous and I dont think anyone will be looking at the border. For what it surrounds is the eye catcher. Thank you for the linky party.

  10. Oh yes! The border was meant to be and perfect addition to an orphan block quilt.

    The improv piece is intriguing. Would like to see more!

  11. I am intrigued by the improv piecing too. I love what I can see!


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