Sunday, November 11, 2018

Monday Making

It's finished.

I took a class from David Taylor last month.
A class sponsored by my local guild.
Taking guild classes is a GREAT opportunity to learn from
teachers around the globe!

Most of us chose this pattern and David gave us lots of great hints on applique.
I enjoyed the class and learned a lot.

But's fussy.
I'm not fussy.

The pieces SHOULD fit together like a puzzle.
Mine didn't.
I fudged.
I fudged QUITE a bit.
Don't tell.

Maybe I should teach a class on how to FUDGE!!!
I'm pretty good at it.

I added some scrappy borders to the pillow.
Can you believe I didn't need to cut ANY out??
They were ALL there ready to go.
LOTS of BLUES in my 2 1/2" squares drawer.

Scraps to the RESCUE!

With Christmas on the horizon...
I was anxious to finish it!!!

Hopefully this week I'll get going on MORE HANDMADE gifts!

Link up and share what 
YOU are making this week!!!


  1. What a wonderful pillow, beautiful design and beautiful quilt designs to enhance it.


  2. I don't do fussy either, but you sure pulled it off! Bravo!

  3. Well you fudge great because it looks fantastic.

  4. Very pretty! You'd never know there was any fudgy stuff going on. It turned out beautifully.

  5. this is so beautiful, after 60 years of quilting art quilts are on my bucket list. I better hurry and empty that bucket.

  6. Your pillow is so pretty! If that is the result of fudging, sign me up for your class.

  7. The applique looks great and I love the background fabric you chose. Thank you for the linky party.

  8. Hooray for fudging! Your pillow is lovely.

  9. Hi Beth, that's a really lovely applique.

  10. Oh it is quite beautiful tho - Glad you stepped out of your zone!


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