Sunday, August 19, 2018

Monday Making

I am working away on my amish snowball quilt.
One little 3 1/2" square at a time.
Each square has four little tiny triangles in the corner.

After sewing on the little triangles...
there is trimming to do.

There are NINE snowballs in each block.

My goal is to make 48 nine patches
There should be 432 snowballs in the quilt when I'm done.

I'm not even 1/2 way there!!!

Quilting takes a BIT of patience.
Just. a. BIT.

What a re YOU making this week??


  1. Love the snowball quilt, it's going to be lovely!

  2. Patience yep, but I still enjoy my quilting time and I know you do too! It's going to be great when done.

  3. Loving your little snowball blocks--and the Amish look..nice work hugs, Julierose

  4. You got a good start anyway! It's going to be a very colorful quilt.

  5. Love the 9-patch setting - very rich look with the color and pattern.

  6. Persistence! Such tiny blocks! Putting them in a nine patch setting is such a brilliant idea!

  7. Your snowball quilt is coming along fine. It will certainly be a very fine quilt. Worth all the effort.

  8. Love the colors your using. Makes for a very striking quilt.

  9. Snowballs in California! Great colorway.

  10. I love your snowball quilt. I think those are hard to make because there are so many places to match seams.

  11. Your last few words on your post made me smile - especially as I think of my Grandmother's Flower Quilt! :) Your snowball quilt is so cute! I know that your are trying to shop your stash this year. You must have a beautiful stash because your projects are simply lovely!


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