Friday, August 10, 2018


Some circles for mugs.

These are made from orphan blocks I cut into circles.

Circles are not that easy!
I used a bowl to trace the lines...but some of them are still a bit wonky.
I added seam binding to the back and rolled it over
to top stitch on the front.

Next time I will sew the seam binding to the front and 
HAND STITCH it to the back.

I think they would turn out much neater and tidier that way.

In order to LEARN
You have to MAKE!

The garden still gives me more than I need.....

and the Grandbabies keep me hopping.

Life is GOOD.


  1. Those are cute tho - and what a great idea!

  2. Great use for orphan blocks. Your tomatoes look yummy and that grandbaby is adorable and looks like fun.💖

  3. I think you are being to hard on yourself about the binding. These little round coasters are SEW cute!!

  4. That is a tight circle to sew around. I'd just spend more time with the grandbabies. They grow up too fast.

  5. Circles are difficult to bind. Let us know if your second idea works out better! Still no tomatoes from my tiny garden! Hopefully they will ripen before we get our first cold snap! I will cover them at the first hint of frost!
    Grandbabies are the best....mine are adults now, so I am on to enjoying Great Grands!


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