Friday, January 12, 2018

Weaving towels

Santa brought me a larger rigid heddle loom this year...
so I tested it out with some cotton yarn.


I made some kitchen towels
that I'm afraid to USE!!

They're so pretty...I don't want to mess them up.

I"ll probably give them away and let someone ELSE
break them in!


  1. ooohhh Santa must like you a lot!
    use 'em!

  2. Those are wonderful and I think making table runners might be fun, something you can use and give as gifts.


  3. ahhh you're so clever. I love them. I wouldn't use them either lol

  4. Weaving is one craft I have never tried. These are wonderful!

  5. I received a hand woven towel as a gift and rarely use it. I don't want to mess it up!! It is displayed in our powder room (so it can stay safe from stains.)

  6. You must have been a good girl in 2017! Those towels are too pretty to use. Maybe make lots and lots of them till you're forced to use them or they'll overrun the place. Or just make lots and lots and share.
    I'd love to learn to weave. I don't want to invest in a loom, but I want to play on one till my shoulders ache. Does that make sense? I'm all for trying new things and learning, but geez, I cannot afford to buy all the things I want to play on. Ask me how many crafts I've learned, and I'll show you the dusty skeletons in the studio closet. The good news is that I know a lot of stuff.
    On vacation (I think we were at The Henry Ford in Detroit), we were able to watch a docent working on a huge floor loom. Richard dragged me away because I wanted to ask too many questions. He said it was just a matter of time before I'd climb over the rail and plop myself down on the bench. I think I'd have ask first, but he disagrees. I guess we'll never know. To scare him I dragged him to the glass blowing demonstration. He deserved it.

  7. I can help. I'd be happy to use those kitchen towels on your behalf. I also promise to send you a status update detailing the manner of their use and their stability etc. Beth, you just have to ask :-)

  8. Those are gorgeous! I love the texture on the white and red one. If you use them up and wear them out, can't you make more?

  9. What talent to weave your own kitchen towels. They are so lovely.

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  11. They are so beautiful!!! My best friend's mom weaves kitchen towels and she gave me one - I was protecting it at first, but it's incredibly hardworking and gets softer and lovelier the more I use it. My goal is to learn to weave so I can keep myself and my friends in these gorgeous towels :)


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