Sunday, January 7, 2018

Four patch Monday Making

Last week I was making four patches
I'm still AT IT!
This time with masculine colors.
(They're all spread out on the floor now
so I can admire them)

I'm finding that the BOY colors are running
low in my 3" square scrap drawer.

I will probably have to cut some up!
Can you believe it?

I have a GIRL quilt going (almost done)
and the BOY quilt just got started.

(Both quilts will be given away in June
to graduating high school seniors at my church)

My mom is visiting so I pulled out the scraps
and had her sewing with me.
I have at least ONE more machine
if you want to join us!
The easiest thing to do was to enlist her in 4 patch making....
you know what???

We might just have to BRANCH out!!

I'm dreaming about beginning
at least ONE more quilt before she leaves!!!

Link up and share what YOU'RE Making!
Are you making your house guests sew too???


  1. What fun it must be to sew with your mom and quilts meant to give to others. It sounds wonderful!

  2. So lucky to share this fun hobby with your mom. :)

  3. This is going to be a very pretty quilt. Enjoy stitching with your mother, that's very special to be able to sew together.

  4. What a great way to use up those scraps. Enjoy the stitching time with your mother (another great way to make those scraps disappear).

  5. I like it!! IT will be adorable - and how fun to have mom in there

  6. How fun to sew with your mother! Both quilts look like great ways to use up your scraps. Enjoy!

  7. How great that you and your Mom get to sew together. My goal this year is to finish my UFO's and then make a scrap quilt as I have rather a lot and need to do something with them. I am busy finishing quilting a quilt for my granddaughter first and will then get on with my UFO's. Hugs, Susie x

  8. Amazing how the simplest blocks can create such eye candy! Thanks for the link party, and Happy New Year.

  9. How fun to quilt with your mom! I've run out of scraps and had to use fabric from my stash, and afterward, it seems I have even more scraps. lol

  10. I'll bet she enjoyed the sewing as much as you enjoyed the help. The quilts look great too.

  11. I won't go into details. I rarely miss my mother now that she is deceased. I do miss her when I sew or knit - especially when I have a question or need encouragement. We used to do those things together.

  12. I'm glad you and your mom were enjoying quilting together! That's so nice. Those 4-patch quilts look great, too. The graduating seniors will love them!


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