Sunday, January 14, 2018

Monday Making

It's time for a Monday Making party!

What are you making this week??
I have been working on this afghan for a while now.

I had DREAMS of finishing before Christmas....
but that didn't happen.
That's o.k.
It's progressing. Slowly!

I want this to get REALLY big!
That means...
it's a LONG term project.

The unfinished afghan AND the yarn are housed in a basket
Near the kitchen.
I pull it over to a chair and work as I listen to
people talk at the table.
It's a little busy work. NO thinking.

Now it's your turn.
Thanks to everyone who links up
and makes this a FUN Monday get-together!


  1. You just keep working a little at a time on the afghan and it will get finished. Who says projects have to be completed in a day!

  2. Ohh, pretty! It's nice to have something mindless to work on while you are hanging out.

  3. Oh this afghan is so beautiful. I like all the great colors. :-)

  4. Your afghan looks great, Beth! It reminds me of Missoni couture. :-)

  5. Your afghan is so pretty and colorful. Those gentle curves are so calming! I can just picture you snuggled underneath it as you crochet! Lovely!

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