Sunday, November 12, 2017

Monday Making

Every year, about this time, I get to thinking about the graduation quilts
that I traditionally make for high school graduates at my church.

This is what THINKING looks like.  :)

The log cabin-esque blocks are very free form
and have not been trimmed yet.

Making this kind of quilt block is a natural for me.
It requires:
NO pre-planning.
NO special rulers.

Most of the strips were cut with scissors
as I sat at the sewing machine.

This is the "fabric" of choice piled on the floor
and on the table.

Lots of old shirts plus an assortment of scraps
and some striped yardage.

For some ODD reason
I'm saving the cuffs, collars and tags.

I DID make a tag quilt once and dream I might do it again!
But the cuffs and collars???
Ah well.
Maybe I'll be inspired someday.

This is last week's work.
I put ALL the little triangles together
and this is ALL I got.
It's too small at this point.....
 I will let it simmer in the "TO FINISH someday" pile for a while.

What are YOU making???


  1. I love your shirt fabric blocks--i think they'll be super looking...hugs, Julierose

  2. Those shirts make some very fun blocks. It's going to be a perfect guy quilt.

  3. Beth, watch your email. I have a couple of photos of placket quilts. I didn't make 'em but I saw them in a gallery.

  4. Hum, maybe there is a cuff and collar quilt in you!

  5. Love what you're making with the shirts!

  6. shirts just look so comforting and cozy

  7. Love the way your mind works. It will be fun to see what the cuffs and collars spark in your brain.

  8. Love the log cabin blocks with the shirts and plaids. Last week I had my plaid quit up.

  9. Hi, Beth. I love that you save the cuffs and collars. Are these shirts that belonged to family members, or thrift shop finds that you're repurposing? Your triangle blocks look great all by themselves, but if you're tired of making them and want a bigger quilt, why not set pieced borders around them? Lately on Pinterest I've been smitten with some very modern looking medallion quilts. Just an idea. :-)

  10. I love your plaid log-cabinish blocks!

  11. Love those blocks!! How many graduates do you have this year?

  12. LOVE the blocks with the shirts so much. There's just something about shirtings in a quilt that make me happy!

  13. wow !!! it's beautiful and so lovely,i really like your good idea so much.Thank for sharing.



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