Friday, November 10, 2017

Christmas Quilt

I had a STRONG feeling THIS pattern
would be PERFECT in Red and Green.

I was right.

What a FUN Christmas quilt!

Christmas is coming.

Maybe there's time to get it QUILTED!!???


  1. You were right! This is a sweet one.

  2. What a great finish! It reminds me of a bunch of wrapped hard candy. :)

  3. It's lovely! Though to be honest, at first glance it actually doesn't read to me as a Christmas quilt. I look at it and see roses and their leaves! But you're right - red and green and white is the classic Christmas color combination. And you're making me really, really want to make a quilt with this block pattern....

  4. Very pretty! I agree, prefect for the holidays.

  5. Definitely perfect for Christmas Flowers --lovely work hugs, Julierose

  6. Yes, indeed. A Christmas quilt without the traditional holly leaves and poinsettias. Well, done! Hope you get it quilted for the holidays.

  7. You can do this! I have no doubt that you will have this one quilted up in plenty of time for the holidays. It's just so cheerful and merry, Beth! Love it!


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