Wednesday, June 28, 2017


My son is SOON to be a responsible adult.
I've been collecting things for him
as he gets ready for the BIG move.

I've ALSO been MAKING things.
Mom has to MAKE something to mark the occasion!

I took some orphan blocks....
cut them up and put them BACK TOGETHER!!!

I then layered toweling and denim (old jeans).
Then I quilted and bound.
I love them.
I also used my spare parts bin.
I now have a jar that holds pieces of dissected shirts!
The collars, the cuffs, etc!!
See those little strips for hanging??
Those were part of an old shirt
and were SO handy to use!

The potholders are ready!
and the kitchen stuff is getting collected.

(Thanks to Goodwill)

WILL he COOK????


  1. Fabulous potholders and that's a nice start on the kitchenware, too!

  2. Oh that is the million dollar question for Lovely mug rugs...hugs, Julierose

  3. When my sons moved into an apartment I also collected a lot of kitchen stuff from Goodwill and yard sales. You asked will he cook? I went through my cupboards and made a list of spices, oil, etc., all of the cooking supplies we take for granted. When we moved them in, we hit the grocery store and shopped. I made sure there would be no reason not to be able to cook something healthy. Lots of staples.

  4. Great potholders! He may need them to take the frozen dinner from the microwave!

  5. Used to call it a hope chest for the girls, in times gone by.....Now its a hope they do eventully leave home!

  6. A mom can hope...that he does not live on fried chicken, Chinese take-out or cup-o-noodles.

  7. Hopefully there's not a quiktrip nearby... my son cooks more since he moved away from QT.

  8. Those are adorable! Don't let him grow up!! ha ha ha

  9. What fun to set up a new household! Shirt-parts for the potholders are a great idea.


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