Sunday, June 18, 2017

Monday Making

It's been a LONG time since I've been able 
to sew ALL day long with a group of quilters.
Friday, I was able to join in a class with

I came home with a few blocks done...
and can't STOP sewing!

Now that we know what I'll be doing...
What are you going to be working on this week??

It won't be ALL sewing.
I also need to cook once in a while.
The garden keeps producing!!!


  1. Your blocks look great! Bonnie is such a fun, giving teacher. Keep that sewing going! I finished one of two projects but have a wall hanging from one of the classes I took waiting for borders. Who knows when I'll get back to it. Sigh.

  2. YOur blocks are so great!! and the plaid!! Looooove them!!

  3. Your Bonnie blocks are great!!

    We are still waiting for our first red tomato here. I'm hoping this little bit of heat will bring them on here.

  4. Too funny. Bonnie will be here in Ohio next week. I'm taking her class on Thursday.

  5. How fun that you got to take a class with Bonnie! I will wait patiently to see the finished quilt! :-)

  6. Wow - I love your take on Jamestown Landing! I am just about finished with my version. Sandy at

  7. Pretty blocks! BTW, I found you on Instagram almost buried under your carrots! You are not only a crafty lady - but you have a great green thumb! :) Thank you for hosting the link up!

  8. Beth, I didn't realize it was you I was sitting next to in Bonnie's class! (Or, rather, I didn't connect you with your blog.) I'm loving the contrast of the black HSTs with your reclaimed shirts even more seeing four blocks together!


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