Sunday, June 4, 2017

Monday Making

This week I hope to GROW a quilt top.
It's been in my quilt top pile for a while
and NOW is the time!!

I had a special request for THIS quilt 
and it needs to be adjusted to FULL size.

I had just a bit of trouble finding some matching fabric
for the border in my stash...
(amazing, but true)
so OFF to the fabric store I went.
Sticker SHOCK is what I got.!!

I don't buy fabric often enough to
appreciate how much it costs!!

Maybe it's because
I bought THREE different fabrics
since I couldn't decide on ONE!
What are YOU making this week???


  1. I agree - full price quilt shop fabric IS expensive. Gorgeous and worth it but costly compared to what it was when I started buying.

  2. I know. It is crazy these days. I love the pattern and colors you used in this one.

  3. Fabric is approaching $14 a yard in Wyoming. I try to support the local shop but it's getting harder and harder to justify my purchases.

  4. Yikes! $14/yd? I complain bitterly when I have to pay $11.95! I hope one of the fabrics you bought goes well with your top. Good luck making it bigger!

  5. Higher fabric price is one of the arguments in favor of minimalist modern quilts -- less fabric lost in the seams! Like your quilt, BTW; hard to beat a good Ohio star.

  6. I try my hardest to stay away from buying too much new fabric, as my stash is large enough to drown in. However, there are times when I do need to make a purchase. My own personal rules are: if you need fabric to finish a quilt you currently working on (your situation); if the fabric is on sale; if I have a gift certificate. I have been able to mind my rules pretty well. I love your project and can't wait to see how you finish it!

  7. Sticker shock...yep. I think it can be a physical reaction. On Cars, washing machines and even patterns!
    So when are we going to see which 3 fabrics you picked up for this project?

  8. yes sticker shock is horrible. I rarely ever buy fabric at a quilt shop - I do not have a local quilt shop within 85 miles so I feel no need to buy from them and when I travel and happen to stop at a quilt shop to see what they have I rarely can buy because of the price. I will stick to the sales from quality on line shops they charge the same as the brick & motor store -- but they have lots of sales that I can find though and all from the comfort of my chair and computer. It is the same fabric as the quilt shops get

  9. Yep, sticker shock is right! Can't wait to see how you 'grow' this quilt - do keep us posted! Thanks for the linky party!

  10. I tend to find the sale or clearance section first when I shop for fabric. Sometimes, I am rewarded with just what I need/want with a cheaper price. The price of fabric seems to have gotten out of control. I shop the clearance sections of online shops too. But stuff is getting harder to find as I suspect more of us are doing the same. So if I put something in my cart, I can't expect it to be there when I finally get around to checking out.

  11. Oh, and thanks for hosting the linky party. It's always fun to come and see what others have been working on.

  12. This has such a wonderful vintage look to it- can't wait to see how you add to grow it up to the desired size.

  13. Smart lady - using up your stash! I'm curious - what colors did you chose? :)

  14. I really like your top! Very cute. Did you use a pattern?

    1. I didn't use a pattern for this one. Just 2 1/2" strips, some red squares and large stars. It was a FUN puzzle. ;)

  15. What a great looking quilt top! Love this one!

  16. What a fun top. I can see why it's been specifically requested. Sticker shock is right, it's amazing how much the cost of fabric has risen in recent years.


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