Sunday, May 28, 2017

Monday Making

I spent some time making little half square triangles last night.
This week I hope to make a few more of these blocks
for a quilting guild exchange.

The pressure is ON when making blocks for quilters!!

As you can see....
I'm using super OLD fabric.
The past couple of years I've been trying
to use ONLY what I already possess.

I possess a LOT.

my LOVE is scrap quilting....
so it works.

What are YOU making???


  1. Those are great blocks. Any fabric would work with those.

  2. Bet it feels really good to move the older fabric into such pretty finished blocks.

  3. Cute blocks, perfect for using up fabric from stash!

  4. I think your blocks look adorable, very VINTAGE -- not "old!" I don't even try to make rules for myself about fabric shopping. I feel bad enough when I break my self-imposed rules about more exercise and less Ben & Jerry's ice cream... ;-)

  5. LOL! I'm making HSTs, too, and like you, it doesn't seem that the stash is much diminished. But I'm having fun!

  6. Great blocks... yep -- I too try to use what I possess but I just went some what wild in Lancaster county so I'v got some new fabrics to play with.

  7. Hi Beth, I know you make lots of quilts for charity. I intend to make some quilts for children in need. At present I back my kids quilts with polar fleece, as it is warm and snuggly. Is this the way to go or should I enclose the polar fleece and use cotton or flannelette for the backing? Just wondering and I value your experienced opinion. Many thanks Jo

    1. I know I LIKE those soft polar fleece backings...and I bet the children will too! I think you're on the RIGHT track! Lucky kids! :)

    2. Many thanks Beth. I will do polar fleece. I have decided to start with strip quilts... I have miles of 2", 21/2" and 3" strips. Random selection....I will cut squares and join them with a feature solid colour then strips of the same or a different solid colour to join it all together. I made one like thins for my husband last year using red and black and it worked well ..... "sew" off I go. Again many thanks. LOVE your blog. You are inspirational. Cheers Jo


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