Sunday, May 21, 2017

Monday Making

What are YOU making this week??
Or...should I say...
what are you FINISHING???

I hope to quilt this gorgeous charity quilt
that someone ELSE pieced for my local guild.

I will also HOPEFULLY make a backing for this quilt
and do I DARE HOPE to quilt it as well????

I can DREAM......

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Here's a picture of the whole quilt for Nann!


  1. Could you take a photo of the star quilt unfolded? I'm interested to see the layout. If the entire back is all those pieces I wish you luck in sewing through all those seams!

    1. Nann - I just added a photo to the end of my post of the whole quilt! Isn't it a beauty??

  2. That is one gorgeous star quilt. Have fun quilting it.

  3. Sure!!! YOU can do it. Have fun.

  4. Love the stars, my all time favourite!! Hop you get to quilt it :)

  5. It's a gorgeous star quilt. Have fun with the quilting.