Sunday, April 9, 2017

Monday Making

What are YOU making this week??

I just finished another crocheted baby blanket
using a bunch of vintage yarn....
along with lots of little pieces of springy COLOR!!

I am going to try and NOT MAKE another one for a while.

I NOW have plenty of little blankets to give away.
It'll be hard.
I DO Love the back and forth
rhythm of simple crochet and knit blankets.

Link up and share about your creative pursuits this week!


  1. Very pretty! It looks very planned, you did a great job of using up those odds and ends.

  2. Very pretty baby blanket. I have just learned to crochet. Your pattern looks like it might be simple enough for me to be able to make.

  3. That is a great baby blanket. I should probably get some made to have on hand here too.

  4. Beautiful blanket Beth! Love the little pops of color in the bands

  5. I love your afghan! You know, with the colors you've chosen, it looks anything but simple! Nice job!

  6. Another soft and lovely baby blanket. I like the easy back and forth of crochet, too, sometimes. My hands are currently happy with hand stitching POTC blocks. Linking up today. Thanks for hosting ... :) Pat


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