Sunday, April 30, 2017

Monday Making

It seems to be "finishing time"
at my house!
Lots of finishes in a short amount of time.
I began this little vest a few months ago
and FINALLY got up the nerve to stitch it together
and add that ribbing!!
It's the type of knitting, for me, that takes some quiet
and concentration!

I found that fun multi colored yarn (one ball)
and knew I wanted to make something for baby or toddler.
This vest pattern worked out great!

The pattern uses a fair isle pattern I did NOT follow
since my yarn had multi colors
*blue cotton yarn (from my stash) for the ribbing
and...since I didn't have enough yarn for the whole thing...
*Autumn Wind lotus yarn for the back.

what are YOU making this week??


  1. Very pretty! Congrats on another finish.

  2. Great job on the vest! And, very good use of your available resources, i.e. yarn stash!

  3. Cute vest! I've been wanting to make just a simple cardigan for my granddaughter who will start P-K next year and cannot find just a simple pattern for a size 5. It's discouraging not to be able to find a simple pattern. I'd like one if possible that's done on circs not few seams. I hate to sew knit things together. I sure wish I had my mom's old pattern books. I know there would be one there. It seems that so many of the patterns try to put new things into them to get them to sell. Again, great finish!

  4. Your vest is so cute! I bet you're so glad you finished it! What a talented lady you are! Your knitted projects never fail to inspire me! Thank you for sharing!


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