Sunday, April 2, 2017

Monday Making

8 MORE little "H" blocks
and I can begin JOINING them into rows!!!

Hooray Hooray!!

Then....of course...
I'll have to add a border and WHO KNOWS
what that's going to be!
LOTS to dream about.

Today I sat down and did some trimming.
I wanted to be sure the blocks were all 3 1/2".
I was SO surprised to be SO close on most of them!!

It made me think/HOPE I'm improving 
on that 1/4" seam THING!!!

I've also been trying to use UP some vintage yarn
that was passed down to me.

It's a mindless activity I enjoy.
since I need AT LEAST 3 projects going at ONCE....

I began this toddler sweater.

How many projects do YOU need to have going AT ONCE??

Link up and share about you're making this week!


  1. Your H blocks are going to make a very colorful and fun quilt. I usually have 3 to 4 projects going in the sewing room at once. I can't just work on one.

  2. Love the H blocks. So cute and colorful!

  3. a whole lot of H's going on at your house - this will be a neat quilt.

  4. Practice does make perfect on getting the right size! On the other hand we all have our moments of ugh on seam allowances. You're doing a good job on using up your yarns. The little green sweater looks great. Don't forget to show us pictures of the finished sweater. What pattern do you use?

  5. Love your H quilt - looks like colorful confetti!

  6. I love your scrap project! It might not need a border, decide after the top is together.

  7. Great scrap project - can't wait to see the finish! And to answer your question, I don't 'need' to have lots of projects going at once - they just happen!

  8. I LOVE your 'H' blocks - just wonderful scrappy goodness. I always have multiple projects going - variety makes it stay fresh.

  9. Your little H blocks are precious! Isn't it so exciting to be at the "borders" stage?! I'm not sure how in the world knitting can be a mindless activity as I'm just learning! I wonder how long you've been knitting? Your crochet project looks so pretty and cheerful! Love your projects! Thank you for sharing!

  10. your Hs are so cute. I need about 100 projects going all at once. I am an Aries and flit from one to the other. they eventually get done. LOL I have knitting UFOs too.

  11. The H blocks are great scrappy stash busters. Linking up today. Thank you for hosting ... :) Pat

  12. I am busy making H blocks BUT I put the white/cream square in the middle!! I did not look properly at yours in my rush to start! (that is me all over) I will finish this baby quilt and then make one the RIGHT way! Mine looks fine - just not really H's. Cheers Jo


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