Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Finish

It's Friday...

I was able to get this great quilt top together for another
high school senior.

I LOVE this one and will be sad to give it away.

Working on it was just the therapy I needed this week.

I had to say goodbye to these little feet.
This little one was with us for 15 months.

Foster parenting usually involves a goodbye.
Thankful for family and friends who've been praying
and a God who has been with us through it all.

All the creative activities also really help me
as I get used to days without a baby.

I've said goodbye before and know that it's
SUPER hard in the beginning and gets easier as time goes on.

There is a GREAT need for foster parents!
I hope the "saying goodbye" part doesn't deter anyone from 
a wonderful way to REACH out and LOVE children.

Enough about NON-quilty stuff.
I'm going to go back and get that quilt finished up!!!
MENTAL I come!!!


  1. I cannot begin to imagine how difficult it must be, Beth, but you have made such a difference in that little one's life. God bless you!

  2. My daughter has fostered children for 20 years. So I know how this goes. Sad. But you are right about the need. By fact, greater now than at any time. My daughter has adopted five kids now, all under age 11. We are very blessed.
    It is hard to let go and move forward. God bless.

  3. Bless you Beth for your wonderful ministry. :)

  4. love your quilt. the little one was lucky to have you in their life. it is sad there is such a need but a blessing for those like you to help. sad to say goodbye always

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  6. I can only imagine what you are going through. I used to know several foster parents and heard this story many times. The story of caring for a baby, toddler, child for a long time and then letting them go. Though that is what foster parenting is about, letting go a child, especially a baby, can't be easy and takes a special kind of person. You are always giving your time, talents and love to others, especially children and youth. You are truly an angel that walks on earth. You will be in my thoughts this weekend, my dear.

  7. Its a beautiful finish. Wow - what a great heart you have. 15 mos is a long time but just think of all the love you put in that little heart, and what a great start to that babys life - hugs to you my dear!!

  8. Those little feet would definitely be hard to say good bye to -- especially after 15 months of having them in your life. That quilt is a beauty - may it bring you some respite from the goodbye.

  9. You have pictures of those sweet little feet and I bet those sweet little feet are leaving with a quilt (or two), so will know that they were loved!! Congrats on completing another grad quilt, too.

  10. Wise and touching words Beth. It does take a very special person to be a foster parent- knowing that in all likelihood you will have to go through that very hard "good bye" and doing it anyway. You are an inspiration. Thank-you for sharing your journey with such honesty and love. Jo

  11. Love that quilt. Love the little feet. The saying goodbye, I'm sure, is heart breaking. Can a person be a foster parent just for babies? I so love taking care of babies.

  12. I just read your non-quilty part and in my heart and mind it is the important part. The concept of giving your love and self to a person in need, not want but need is one of the greatest things anyone could do. Sadly they leave, but hopefully they go somewhere that they will be loved just as you have loved them. Thank you for making the world a better place.

  13. First of all, your quilt is so cute. Very bright and colorful with a cool overall des. And the vest is so cute.

    What an amazing person you are to be a foster parent. And those little feet are so cute. Sending hugs and prayers that he/she will be in good hands.


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