Sunday, November 20, 2016

Monday Making

At the end of a busy day 
I enjoy sitting down and working on something.
Recently THIS is what it's been.

Lots of pretty yarn
and rows and rows of crochet stitching!!

I do NOT need another afghan.
I DO NEED this calm and peaceful project
at the end of my DAY!!!

This afghan is made with the spike stitch.
A very simple stitch
that makes a simple afghan INTERESTING!

Now it's YOUR turn!!!

What are YOU making this week??


  1. nice afghan. I should make something similar with all my yarn scraps.

  2. Very pretty! I love all those colors.

  3. Crocheting isn't my favorite activity but my granddaughter would like me to make her a bigger one than the one she currently has (she's 6 and she's using a baby afghan.) I'm going to be checking my stash of books for an afghan if she doesn't like one I made years ago (hum, maybe 30 or 40!) If she does I need to do a bit of repair work on it, wash it and then she can have it. It's wool and that may be a problem. Plus it is heavy. It's made of hexagon granny squares. I'll show it to her on T-Day. Enjoy your week and don't work too hard.

  4. This week - I need to STOP rearranging the blocks on my design wall (notably the barnyard blocks) and start sewing the rows together for my OMMS project!

  5. That crochet stitch does make it look great

  6. There is something so relaxing about yarn crafts.

  7. It looks so nice in that stitch. That is a great project for relaxing.

  8. There is nothing like crochet to calm the mind and body and just rest. Quilting sure doesn't do that for me with it's constant movement up/down and around. I will pull out a project - thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Your afghan is lovely. I bet it is relaxing to work on at night.

  10. Love your afghan! I am a crocheter as well! Thank you so much for hosting Monday Making!

  11. Temps are just starting to cool down where I am, and I'm thinking I could definitely use another afghan. Could you possibly share the pattern?

    1. I went to youtube and found a tutorial for the spike stitch. Happy stitching!

  12. Love your beautiful Afghan..I'm making grannies for an afghan.


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