Sunday, June 12, 2016

Monday Making

I shared about this quilt in March....
An OLD unfinished quilt that needed a little LOVE and attention.

She's a QUIRKY quilt.
There are some thin fabrics and some weak seams.
I'm a CRAZY quilter and wanted her to be DONE!
EVEN if she IS a bit rough around the edges!

I took her along on our recent cross country drive
and found that hand quilting and riding shotgun go HAND in HAND!!

After finishing up the hand quilting...
I trimmed her and added this striped binding.

We are VERY close to a finish friends!!!
This old quilt will soon find her life can be USEFUL!

Isn't that what EVERY quilt wants???

What are YOU making this week??


  1. Yes, that is what all quilts want and certainly this fun quilt. Lovely quilt to make of old shirts. Great job!

  2. What a great scrap quilt! Congrats on the almost finish!

  3. That's a fabulous quilt! Glad you were able to finish it!

  4. What a dear quilt. Good for you for rescuing it from oblivion!

  5. Your quirky quilt is very appealing: just perfect for cuddling up with.

  6. Your quilt rescue is so endearing! Good for you for making it whole! Thank you for the linky party, too!

  7. Oh goodness - that is gorgeous - what a great rescue!!!

  8. Love the quilt. Very pretty.

  9. Love the quilt. Very pretty.

  10. I love vintage quilts and tops. Well done to give it a finish!

  11. It's going to be wonderful, and receive lots of love!

  12. I love your 'old' quilt, she make be ageing, but I bet she's lovely and soft and snuggly! I'm a new visitor here, nice to meet you!

  13. Well done on all the love and attention you have given to this old quilt - it will be loved all the more after your repair work to her - and I love that b/w binding :)

  14. It is a challenge, but will be wonderful when finished.

  15. It is so nice to see people finishing some of the old quilts. I've been working on old blocks/quilts owned by a friend. Yep, these are not the best blocks in the world but they do make up into reasonable quilts. I've finished 2 so far and my friend loves them. She doesn't want to give them to family which was her original intent. I need to get a little more dedicated to working on them though.


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