Sunday, June 26, 2016

Monday Making in the Summertime

I'll be making lots of stuff this week..
and It will ALL have the word TOMATO in it!!!

Tomato sauce,
Tomato salad,
Tomato sandwich,
and then..
some other stuff that doesn't have the WORD tomato...
but has tomato just the same!!!

I've been eating them between meals
and adding them where no tomato has gone before.

I still have LOTS of tomatoes.
I am in summertime heaven.

what are YOU making???


  1. Yummo! I just planted my herb garden. I'm gone too much for a vegetable garden these days. Sigh

  2. ohhh those tomatoes are so gorgeous!! I'm sure they are yummmy too :))

  3. oooo lucky you. tomatoes are not quite ready here yet. YUM

  4. Sounds like you are in for a busy week. Those look yummy. Store bought tomatoes are so disappointing these days. Enjoy your home grown harvest

  5. I too have been taking time for the garden and tomato sauce

  6. One of my most favorite parts of summertime! I will have my garden up and running at my new home next year!

  7. Those tomatoes look SO GOOD!!! I am tempted to lick my computer screen. (Too much information?) ;-)

  8. I'm not a tomato lover but love ketchup, tomato sauce, and many other things made with tomatoes. Good luck with your canning! And thanks for hosting the link-up.
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  9. Your tomato look wonderful Where do you live? Mine just have blossoms, I have froze 66 cups of broccoli and made 24 cups of asparagus soup.


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