Sunday, May 1, 2016

Monday Making

Sometimes a project is worth repeating!
After making this table mat a month or so ago....

I received the unfinished QUILT 
that is related to the original leftover blocks that had been given to me!

Since the quilt is big enough without adding anymore blocks...
I'm going to REPEAT!!

I'll add some FRESH muslin
and make another table mat for a relative of the MAKER of this quilt!!

Let me tell you though friends........
It's NOT easy RIPPING those HAND SEWN seams OUT!!!

It's necessary...
but OH so painful!!

The hand stitches are SO well done.
I can feel the original quilter's loving touch in every stitch.
and I'm RIPPING them OUT!

I hope she'd understand that the old muslin
needs a Switcheroo!!!!

What are YOU making this week??


  1. sounds like a labour of love.....thanks for hosting!

  2. Ripping out is never fun. It will be a gorgeous table topper once it's all finished.

  3. Keep telling yourself you are rescuing the nosegays to keep on blooming!

  4. Those are beautiful blocks though. And it will be amazing when done

  5. Lovely table topper. I think the maker is cheering you on. Are you re-building the whole quilt after making another table topper?

  6. How wonderful you are to take on this task. The table mat is very charming and someone is going to really enjoy it.


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