Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Neighborhood party

There's a wonderful Neighborhood party going on this month and next.
Head over to Hilachas blog and join in the fun!!!

Send in ONE or more house blocks (12 1/2"x 12 1/2")
and cross your fingers.
Maybe YOU will be the winner of  9-12 house blocks.
Just the right amount to make a great quilt!!!

I love the quilt that Hilachas (Irene) made with her winning blocks a couple of years ago.

I'm so glad she and her sister took the baton
and are hosting the party this year.

This blogland community is a wonderful place to "live".
An encouraging, positive, creative community!!

Aren't you glad you "live" here???

I have a simple house block on my tutorial page
IF you are in need of some instruction.

Happy SEWING!!!


  1. Oh thank you Beth for the thumbs up... Will pop over to Irene and join in the fun ....happy sewing...

  2. I love your house and am so glad Ida and Irene are continuing the party.

  3. Beth thank you for allowing us to continue the Neighborhood Party and what a lovely block you have there!

  4. Just loving your cute little house--especially the little girls chatting outside--
    very creative use of fabric...hugs, Julierose

  5. Thanks, Beth, for giving us the "go-ahead" to host the Neighborhood Party. AND, thanks for posting about it on your blog. Your block is lovely. I like the way you added those little girls sitting on a fence.

  6. What a fun idea and a very cute block!


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