Sunday, January 24, 2016

Monday Making

I went back to my knitting roots this week
and began a BEANIE!

This is one of the simplest knitting projects....
and my son WEARS them!!!
It's one thing to KNIT...
it's another to figure out WHAT to knit in 
Southern California!!

what are YOU up to this week??


  1. I had to find out what a beanie is. love to see your sun with his beanie!

  2. Never thought about the dilemma of knitting in a relatively warm location. I guess you hope for family and friends that live in cooler climes? Enjoy your knitting time.

  3. I need to crochet a few hats myself. It's been frigid here in the midwest.

  4. Hi beth--I am pondering what to knit next--I just sent off the Wowza Scarf No. 1 (Ravelry) to my 84-yr old cousin (shows how OLD I am--yikes!!) and am thinking maybe another for ME--love that pattern--after the first row--NO COUNTING NEEDED --as I am number/math challenged this works for me...Like your beanie start--nice deep brown hugs, Julierose

  5. You can never go wrong with a beanie - even in So CA.

  6. Cute knitting project, and perfect for California I think! Isn't it great that your son loves them?

  7. I also started knitting a hat ... mine is going much slower and I have had more than one "what was I thinking moment." It's a two color double knit, knit on size 2 needles–see what I mean? You can see my progress here: I feel like I need to get a lot farther than this before I can even blog about it ;-)


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