Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Little Quilts

Twice a month 
(first and third Tuesdays)
I serve a lunch to about 20 some senior citizens.

Yesterday it was Barbque chicken sandwiches
and salads on the plates...
little QUILTS on the TABLES!

I LOVE adding quilts to everyday LIFE!!

Tables, walls, BEDS....
There is a quilt for EVERY surface!!!


  1. I'll bet those tables looked beautiful, Beth. The little quilts look so pretty.

  2. Those are such sunny and happy bits of color that I'm sure that it brought an inner smile to the Seniors you served, good job!

  3. Just like your delightful quilts, I'm sure your bright and cheery disposition gives those 20+ senior citizens lots to smile about. What a lovely thing to do, Beth :)


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