Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It's the little things

There were quite a few Things in the last few days
that I put in the
"Happy things"
I often call them simple pleasures.

Life is FULL of them.
It's not the BIG things for me.
IT's the little things that give me GREAT pleasure.

For example....

Cutting tumblers and then...

finishing UP the last row of the quilt!!


Playing with NEW YARN at my daughter's dance class.

Finding this PAPER QUILT at her school in the hallway.
LOVE it!

Teaching a class on HAND piecing
and having all the students complete a little coaster
using 2" squares.

It was a great way to introduce sewing on a small scale.

Getting to spend TIME with my daughter who lives far away.

Spending time with far away family is NOT a little thing...
It's BIG.
IT put a BIG smile on my FACE!!


  1. Little Things Mean a Lot....

  2. Oh isn't that a great feeling----to finish up the last row--I love your tumblers...hugs, Julierose

  3. little things are the best. hubs says I was born in the wrong time and place. I should have been an Amish woman. collecting eggs, baking and quilting, whats not to love! HEAVEN for me.......
    and gardening too.

  4. There is such joy in everyday life. Love the picture of you and your daughter.

  5. Great looking tumblers on the quilt! Good job to get it ready for quilting. The picture of you and your daughter is a treasure.

  6. Small things and big things - it's all good.

  7. I LOVE these tumblers, Beth! I always thought tumblers should be light/dark, but you have proved me wrong. Now I'm revising my plan...


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